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Who we are and What we are doing

The Grassroots Walkers LIMITED is an incorporated company established in 2016 by Japanese and Kenyan field workers. 

Through our experiences, we found it necessary to tell what is going on in Kenya because there is big gap between news by mass media and facts in the field. 

The number of people who has concern with Kenya has been amazingly increasing in Japan, but unfortunately, Only few Japanese media research and broadcast live information. This situation provide misunderstanding and opportunity-loss significantly, thus it must be resolved by evidence-based information.

To tackle this structural issue, we started our business for transparent and deep broadcasting using two methods, academic field-research method and journalism-research method. We are very unique company which offer these two types information channel to our customers by credible information, there is no alternative in Kenya.

We are " the most hard walking" company to tell facts and to link people.

We walk for you, we walk with you.


BY  HASEGAWA MASASHI, CEO of The Grassroots Walkers LIMITED.

What's New?

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